Animals count for a lot of videos and views on youtube, with staggering numbers of people watching them. We have curated a few of our favourites below.. They don’t necessarily all have the hundred million plus views, but they are so lovable!

Mishka is famous as the talking Husky. Look him up on his own channel!

You have to love dogs in the snow. This is a compilation. Try 1min 36 secs, dogs who don’t like their rear paws in the snow! Not sure about the first video action of the delivery of their pet to snow though!

No video compilation would be complete without surfing dogs! Competitions and halls of fame are shown here! Yes halls of fame!

Not all dog’s lives are great and it’s worthwhile to give some thought to the millions of poor creatures whose lives are miserable, painful, uncared for. We have taken a┬ásimple video that shows that┬áthere are people who really care and have invested their lives in helping them. Few dogs fail to appreciate love and affection and care. This video comes from the Soi dog foundation collection a wonderful organization that takes in thousands and finds them homes.

Finally, a great selection of dogs faces taken by GoPro. Dogs like to smell things so the camera is ideal to put in their face!

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