There are literally thousands of images of dogs that make you laugh, feel sorry for them, gasp in amazement at their shape or form and are simply adorable. You may have seen some of these before but no harm in getting those feelings again, these emotions are good for us, as all good dog lovers know.

This chap is looking a little fierce or is he pretending?  Beautiful but don’t get too close!

Fierce Dog

Lanky and angular dogs and great for unusual poses and camera styles. The chap looks like he could play the part of a Reindeer!

Rudolf Dog

This dog and his owl friend are inseparable and the photos incredible, but shows the beauty of another nature, that of one creature love of another (

Dog friendly love

Lots of dogs love playing but when you get big dogs (a Komodor) with unusual coats playing in the snow, its worth a thousand words:

A komodor dog

A great shot of a retriever in full flight, the photo is so good and he looks so happy!

In full flight

Bo collection of dogs would be complete without a small furry cute entry!

Cute little dog

Some dogs have been found on the streets of third world countries where survival is the only question. Give them some medical attention and a decent diet and they can turn into the characters they were meant to be. Winnie below was one such lucky girl!

Devon Photographer

ref: Devon photographer

We love this award winner from dog photographer of the year. The relative ages of each participant and the connection you can see are heartwarming and make us realize the importance of this empathy with our furry friends.

Dog assistant


No photo of dogs would be complete unless you had that proverbial sheepdog that has nothing else on its mind but chasing something! This one has his tongue out too!

Devon Photographer

ref: Devon photographer

Finally never forget the old dogs and that adage that “dogs are not just for Christmas but for life”. Life is hard for all of us as we age, but dogs become dependent and need more care. Happy dogs, sad dogs, laughing dogs, they all have feelings too.

Old dogs

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