You are probably thinking this post is about bad dogs?

We have all heard tales of how people are allergic to other people pets, how owners allow them to leave a mess behind, how the barking leads to neighbours wearing ear defenders, how the first place the little terrors head for is the soft duvets upstairs or how they chew the chair legs like a voracious beaver or rip out the cushion stuffing.

You’d be wrong!

Nearly every dog owner we know is responsible, caring and careful! There are exceptions as there are in every walk of life, but there again who wants a group of the Airbnb party brigade sneaking in and causing mayhem? In our experience dog owners are more thoughtful than your average traveler. They simply have to be and they also know that not all people see dogs in the same light as they do, even its hard to understand.

What does ruin most dog owners holiday is leaving their poor pets behind whilst they go off and enjoy the beaches the wilds, the walks, the fresh air.  What options does your pet have? Kennels which can be noisy, disturbing and sometimes unhealthy or perhaps a dog sitter, who you pay to live in your house and trust with your family possessions. Not everyone has a family to care as well as you do for your pet.

Is it common to travel with your pet?

You shouldn’t, a recent survey of more than 1,100 travelers conducted by TripAdvisor found that 53 percent of respondents travel with their pets, and 52 percent will only stay at pet-friendly properties.

The report also found that 35 percent of pet owners take shorter vacations than they otherwise would, and that 25 percent take fewer vacations overall because of their pets. 64% would be more likely to lengthen their stay if given the opportunity to travel with their pets.

What if you do leave your pet behind?

Don’t think that owners forget all about their pets while they are away. Most feel guilty leaving them behind, understandably.

Almost a quarter of pet owners carry around a picture of their cat or dog and almost as many will buy their pet a souvenir while away. Twenty percent of pet owners admit to ringing home to “speak” to their pet while they’re away and four percent of pet owners have even sent their dog or cat a postcard while away.

Do dogs miss you if you aren’t around?

No one can be absolutely sure what happens in a dogs world, but here is a story that will break your heart and show their devotion.

“Hachiko – the faithful dog” was a very special Japanese pet. For 10 years he went every morning and evening to the train station to meet his owner, Professor Ueno who had tragically died years before at work after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

One day in 1925, he failed to return to the station but Hachiko was waiting and he continued on as he always had day after day after day….

Dog friendly faithful Hachiko

Even when this large dog was sent away to live with relatives of the professor, he escaped returning to the station – eventually leading Ueno Hidesaburō’s family to give up any hope of preventing the Akita from returning each day to wait for his late master.
They sent him to live with a gardener who lived near Hachiko’s old home. The problem was, a large dog hanging out without an owner doesn’t always engender kindness.

At first, this poor lost dog hanging around the tracks was an annoyance to daily commuters who may not have recognized the pup without his owner.

But Hachiko never gave up and over time he managed to win over all who passed through the station. Hachiko became a thing of curiosity, then fascination and, eventually, an inspiration to those who would pass by every day. He is honoured to this day for his loyalty throughout the whole of Japan, with statues, poems, and stories.

Confidence and the right information.

Here at Passpawt, we are building a platform to help you find the right accommodation and find all the relevant information local to the places you may want to say. To let you and your dog have great experiences enjoyed together!

Don’t feel guilty and leave them behind, make your holiday more enjoyable, less worry free. Dogs need holidays too!

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