Check out some of the many ways to get fit with your dog. There are lots of fun and easy ideas to improve both your health and theirs.

Get fit with your dog

Getting a dog is great for your health for many reasons. The most obvious reason is that they help you to be more active however they also been proven to help relieve stress, to help their owners become more social and even to help people with rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD and cancer. Have a look at our suggestions below to get you started on the path to better health with your dog.

get fit with your dog

1. Walking and Running

Probably the most obvious way to get fit with your dog is walking and running. Dogs need a lot of exercise and particularly young dogs can put their owners through their paces. You will notice a big benefit to your fitness with daily dog walks and plenty of ball throwing. If you’re looking to increase this work out then you can take to running with your dog. Of course make sure to take into account your fitness and theirs before speeding off.

If you really take to running, walking or jogging with your dog then you can take this to the next level. Cani-cross is a form of cross-country running in which runners are attached to their dog or dogs – much like a human version of sledding or mushing – and then they run a cross country race. This originated in Europe as a summer alternative for the sledding communities. Today is wide-spread and increasing in popularity all the time. There are cani-cross events held all over the United Kingdom and Europe. These events cover anything from 1 mile to 28 miles and so whether you’e a beginner or a fanatic there’s something for you and your pooch.

get fit with your dog

2. Swimming

Swimming is another fun way to get fit with your dog. Of course not everywhere allows canines in their waters so do a bit of research beforehand, but more and more places that are dog-friendly are popping up all over the place. From rivers and beaches to public swimming pools you are sure to find somewhere nearby for you and your pooch to have a dip. Swimming is very good exercise for both dog and owner however there are some precautions to take.

Firstly, not all dogs can swim. Generally large dogs such as labradors and golden retrievers can take the water. Whilst bulldog, basset hounds and others dogs with short legs cannot swim at all. Even if you’re dog can swim you may want to invest in a life vest. Also if swimming in the summer keep an eye out for heatstroke. Do not despair at all the rules if you’re careful swimming with your dog can be very fun.

get fit with your dog

3. Cycling

Cycling with your pooch is a great way to get fit with your dog if you have a larger breed. The dog needs to be able to run fast enough to keep up with you. Aside from all the usual gear that you need for cycling there are few extra bits and pieces you will want for you dog. Firstly if you’re cycling on roads or public walkways it is highly important to have a safe leash for your dog. Holding the leash in your hand can prove to be very dangerous and distracting. There are plenty of shops that sell special leads that attach to your bike handles. Secondly a high visibility vest for your dog is a good idea.

Aside from this just use common sense and caution. Don’t take your dog on a marathon bike ride on their first attempt. Once you’ve got the hang of it bike riding with your dog can be fun and very freeing for both of you. If you really get into it you can even try your hand at bikejoring. This is a lot like cani-cross that we talked about above. In this case your dog and dogs are attached in front of you and you will use their momentum to increase your own speed. Bikejoring events take place all over the United Kingdom if you want to meet like-minded people and add a competitive element to your workout.

get fit with your dog

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