Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Are you using plastic bags to dispose of your dog’s poo?
Well if you are, shame on you. You could be using biodegradable bags and doing your bit for the planet (and the local council).

You can buy biodegradable dog poop bags online so you don’t even have to go out of your way on the road to becoming an eco warrior. Your dog will be proud of you.

Mutts Butts ( sell a range of biodegradable waste bags.

Their bags are environmentally friendly, 100% degradable and great quality. The say they designed them in a ‘vest shape’ with tie handles to make dealing with your best friend’s waste, quick and easy.

The bags are unscented, roomy and very strong, no matter whether you select the premium, standard or economy products.

They say they offer the lowest prices and free UK delivery straight to your door!

From £7.25

Another UK supplier of biodegradable dog poo bags is (see video)

Do you have any thoughts on these bags? Do you have a favourite brand or supplier?

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