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Cat and dog flap

Are you tired of getting up now and then to let your furry pet inside? While you waste your time and energy opening doors for them, they’re planning their next escape into the open. Save yourself the trouble and get a Cat/Dog flap today. This amazing device lets your pets in and out whenever they want, so you don’t have to. Moreover, it is so comfortable that your puppy will have no trouble getting in. This flap is suitable for small to medium pets, such as cats and Labradors. It can also be used by small German shepherds and other pets.

Comfortable for medium sized dogs:

This flapper is perfect for small to medium dogs and does not have sharp edges that can hurt or harm animals. It is also great for cats and can be used to move in or outside. If your cat has a habit of running outside and coming back in the middle of the night, then this flap can really help.

Selected entry:

This state of the art device has a pet microchip that allows you to monitor which pets enter and leave the house. If your pet has a habit of hiding, then this monitoring chip can come in very handy. Moreover, with the passport TM key, you can also keep an eye out for other animals or intruders that may take advantage of the passage. This flap provides access to nearly 20 pets and can be customized for each one.

Navigation controls to computer:

You can easily program the device to your computer as well. This will inform you any time your pet makes an exit outside or comes back inside. Moreover, you can customize every pet detail on your personal computer and use this device to keep a check on your animal.

Compatible with different doors:

This flap can be fit into wooden doors and even metal entries. It can be incorporated into brick walls of nearly 90-300 mm thickness. This can also be fit into windows and panels and gives complete freedom to the pet.
Close and open technology: This flap can be easily sealed at night, for example, if you don’t want your pets to wander out at night. It can also be closed while the pets are inside to keep strays outside. Moreover, during snowy weather or cold, it can easily be sealed to keep the cold out.

Don’t compromise on your pet’s freedom. A happy pet is a lively one, and this flap ensures your animal gets plenty of sun and play time outside, even if you don’t get the time for daily walks. This technology overcomes the need to painful and harsh collars and keeps a check on the pets. Its passport key technology can carefully lock the location of the pet every time it moves in and out. It also keeps other stray animals from entering inside. The device can be connected to your laptop so that every pet activity through the door is carefully monitored.

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