Go Bone: Keeping Your Dog Engaged And Happy

If you have a hectic job where you must put in 40 or even a lot more hours per week, you must be worried about your dog and how you are unable to entertain him and spend enough time with him? Does it hurt to leave him alone and see him dulled or bored throughout the day because you are busy? If so, then choosing Go Bone is going to be a commendable idea for you. The world’s first smart bone entertains your dog automatically while you focus on your daily tasks.

How Does It Work?

The Go Bone is manufactured in a fashion that there is a small hollow space inside the wheels. It can be used for you to place some food or a treat for your dog. This is, however, optional and you may not want to serve the treat via the Go Bone and use your traditional methodologies for that if you want to. In order to activate the Go Bone, all you have to do is gently tap it with your finger. Once activated, the intelligent software will keep your dog entertained automatically for a while. Thanks to the built-in wheels, the artificial bone moves around making your dog chase it and keeps him busy while you attend to your daily chores. What’s more is that the features are not confined to the automation. Once you are done with the tasks, you can conveniently be a part of the play and take full control of the Go Bone via a smartphone application.


There is no argument over the fact that the benefits associated with opting for Go Bone are numerous. To begin with, it fills your day with peace of mind since you know that your dog is being entertained and is happy. The ability to take control of the Go Bone via an app ensures that you won’t be left out when you have the time to play with your dog. One of the most prominent features of Go Bone includes its customizability on the basis of your dog’s breed, age, size, weight, or even his play preferences or styles in order to keep him busy for an extended period of time. Go Bone offers a more convenient alternative to keeping your dog regularly exercised than having to take him on a walk every evening. Any part that has been extensively in contact with your dog can be easily removed for cleaning purposes or perhaps for replacement in the first place. Last but not the least, there’s a unique bonding mode that Go Bone offers which is primarily focused on making the timidest dogs actively engaged and loving the activity with the passage of time.

It is evident from the information mentioned above that there are numberless reasons why Go Bone, a Kickstarter project, is receiving a huge amount of funding for its implementation. Rest assured, the creative product makes the lives of dog lovers a lot easier than it used to be. Sure, it may seem to be a little on the costlier side for some of you, but consider the benefits and you’ll begin to realize how worthwhile the product really is.

Full details here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/santiagogutierrez/gobone-all-day-play-for-you-and-your-dog?ref=category

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