Dyson groom: A great tool to maintain your dog’s coat

All dog owners know the struggle of maintaining and grooming dogs. It is not easy, but the satisfaction of seeing your dog look squeaky clean is something only devoted dog parents can understand (even if the clean look only lasts 15 minutes!).
As a fellow pup lover, I am always on the lookout for gadgets and tools that can help me groom my dog.
Luckily, there are many on the market. However, The Dyson Groom is a superb product that I happened to come across. It is available for around £36 but you do need a Dyson to attached to. This device has helped me get rid of stubborn frizzies that keep shedding off my dog. It also works as a perfect vacuum to give my pup a dry clean before a shampoo wash.


Suction that removes loose hair on long and short coat dogs
Tangle-free turbine tool that helps get rid of knots
Carbon fiber soft dusting brush attached
Flexi-crevice tool and Mattress tool
Dyson ball compact
Reach under tool


Easy to use: this tool is very easy to operate and does not require any complex handling. The vacuum is attached to a switch and this turns the suction on. All you need to do next is clean your dog the way you usually do. The cleaning process takes less than 15 minutes. The directions in the manual are also easy to understand and every tool is comprehensively explained in the instruction manual.
Gets rid of loose hair: If you have issues with dog hair being everywhere, on the couch, sofa, bed and more, then this tool is perfect for you. This tool helps you suck out loose strands of the dog without damaging hair shafts. You can also use it on the furniture and your clothes to get rid of annoying hair. Moreover, the tool is easy to clean and disposes of hair properly.
Comfort for the dog: The Dyson groom tool has edges that give a smooth massage to the dog and removes hair without causing discomfort. This will not only put your doggo in a good mood but will also help him relax and actually look forward to cleaning time!
Allergens and fleas under control: By using this tool daily, you can ensure that your best friend remains flea and allergen free daily. Usually, most people are allergic to pet dander, with this tool you can easily clean their hair without requiring anti-allergic medications every now and then!
Single handed control for long and short hair: By using a simple hand tool, you can easily clean your pup. There is no complicated machinery involved.


Expensive: while this product provides a thorough clean, it is relatively more expensive than other grooming products on the market. However, this is an electronic cleaner; hence, the price is worth it.


Overall, Dyson groom is a spectacular addition to doggie grooming sessions. It cleans off loose hair in long and short haired dogs, easily and without discomfort. There are brushes that lightly massage the dog and can put him or her in a good mood. This is a great device for dogs who have very long coats.

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