Naturally, your dog is joining you on holiday, so you will need a dog travel packing list. Time away without your furry friend is inconceivable, so whether your holiday destination is chic or rustic, the chances are that you want your dog properly equipped for the exciting journey ahead. But, what do you pack to ensure that your pup has the holiday of a lifetime? Here are the essential items to make dog travel easy.

Dog travel packing list:

The Basic Supplies Your dog will need a leash, collar, water bowls, food, treats, and lots of disposable waste bags. Keep the necessary dog supplies in a separate bag because mixing in your dog’s things with your stuff will add a layer of travel stress that you don’t need. Human kids romp around with their suitcases, and the same should go for your beloved dog (except you will be holding it).

dog travel, traveling with dog

1. Dog ID Tag

Dog ID Tag Attach a sturdy dog ID tag to your dog’s collar when traveling with your dog. Engraving the contact information of your pet-friendly hotel or cottage with a local contact number is a smart idea. Also, have a current picture of your dog printed AND on your phone in case they run loose during all the excitement a new destination brings.

dog travel packing list

2. Pet Carrier

A Pet Carrier Dogs with a destination need a proper pet carrier when traveling. There are many options of pet travel carriers with soft sides that easily fold down. If traveling by air, the carrier needs to be able to fit snuggly under the seat in front of you. There are also carriers that easily attach to your luggage. Some allow a seat belt to hold it in place for those that prefer car trips. A dog that feels safe is much more likely to enjoy the fun and relaxation that awaits them.


3. Vaccination Records

Vaccination Records These are mandatory for you dog travel packing list. If your dog falls ill and needs to visit a vet, you will be scrambling for these records. Contacting your home vet could prove difficult as you may be in a different time zone or the illness could happen in the middle of the night.

Part of your holiday could also include an overnight visit to a place where your dog is not allowed. Your dog could be denied in a boarding facility without vaccination records.

Write Vaccination Records on your checklist TWICE when traveling with your dog!

Dog Travel Packing List

4. Water

Water Whether your dog travels by plane or car, it will become extra thirsty. Just like their human companions, dogs get thirsty when traveling. Humans often have chapped lips and dry throats when traveling due to dehydration. A dog can become easily dehydrated too, so always have an extra bottle of water and a travel dog bowl handy.

dog travel packing list

5. Towels

Towels When your dog travels, rolls in the mud, hikes in the mountains, and swims in the ocean are inevitable. However, all this added activity means a dirtier dog. Always have some fresh towels in case you have to clean up after your dog. If you are paying a deposit for a pet-friendly hotel or cottage, or have rented a car, you want to keep them as tidy as possible.

Dog Travel, Traveling With Dog

6. Dog Toys

Dog Toys Every Dog has a favorite toy to play with. Make sure to bring their favorite ball, stuffed animal, or chew toy if they get a case of travel anxiety. Familiar smells will ease your dog’s worries, as they explore their new surroundings.

Dog Travel Packing List

7. Calming Aids

Calming Aids You didn’t expect it, but it happens! Dogs get homesick too, and sometimes they need some help to ease their nerves as they transition into their holiday. The worst way to start your holiday is by trying to handle your frantically pacing and howling dog. Here are some products to lessen your dog’s nerves.

Dog Travel Packing List

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