Dog Training Made Easy: What your dog needs to be happy

Many people take a dog into their lives without really understanding what they need to be healthy and happy and more importantly to be easy to live with.

Most people know that dogs need a constant supply of clean fresh water, good quality food, and regular grooming to keep their coats clean and healthy. But the one thing that people often underestimate is just how much exercise our dog needs.

Exercise is the number one thing that you can do to improve nearly all behavior problems in dogs, because they come because dogs are bored, they’ve got pent-up energy or just are really frustrated. Dogs need exercise every single day, and depending what sort of dog that is, depends whether it might be half an hour a day or a couple of hours several times a day with lots of running and playoff lead to keep them happy.

Over the years we’ve bred dogs to do specific jobs and what those jobs are depend what that dog is going to be like to live with and the sort of things that he’s really going to enjoy doing. Dogs are bred to work all day and need loads of exercise. Other dogs are bred to retrieve things, some are bred to run, others are bred just to sit on your knee and keep you company. But you have to give what that dog needs to make him happy. In fact it’s the number one consideration when you decide what type of dog you take into your life is how much exercise you can give him.

But it’s not all about physical exercise either, dogs need to use their brains, training’s good for that, so Dog Training the Easy Way with Dogs Trust is a great way to bond with your dog and keep him mentally healthy. But there’s lots of interactive toys you can use, anything from straightforward as just putting some food into a rubber Kong toy for your dog to try and work out how to get out or even more complicated toys for the canine Einsteins of the world who can work how to puzzle them out.

It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune though; even old toilet rolls with a bit of dried dog food inside and the ends folded down can prove a great toy for your dog. Or if you don’t have a cardboard tube you could use an old plastic bottle with some treats in it. But always supervise your dog when he’s playing with toys. If they get really good at that you can move on to even bigger tubes to see how he manages with that.

So when we take a dog into our life we know we have to give him good food, mental stimulation, our company and that’s really important because dogs are social animals, that’s why they fit into our lives so well, and plenty of exercise. Dogs need your energy and your time to be healthy, happy and easy to live with. So go and have fun.

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