Dog Training Made Easy- Teach your dog to know their name

Carolyn: One of the things many people forget to do is to actually teach their dog what his name is and what it means. How many times have you seen people shouting their dog’s name while he completely and utterly ignores them?

You need to teach your dog that his name means something good’s about to happen for the dog, so that he learns that you’re really worth paying attention to. This is the best way to be able to get his attention when you need it and it’s also the first steps to teaching a dog to always come back when you call him.

This also means that you can use your dog’s name to call him away from other dogs or any other distractions that you’d rather he ignored. Dogs can only think about one thing at a time and if they are thinking about you they’re not thinking of anything else.

So to help show you how to teach your dog what his name is I’ve got Stanley here.

So first of all always make sure you’ve got a pocket full of treats. You never know when the opportunity to train this exercise is going to come up. So when you’re sitting at home and your dog’s lying or sitting quietly and not paying any attention to you what you need to do is say his name really brightly, and if he turns and looks at you throw him a treat, if he comes to you that’s fine as well, but the reward’s for actually looking at you.

Stanley, oh, good. Go. Wow and you got that just for looking at me. Isn’t that fun?

If he doesn’t look at you don’t repeat his name, there’s no second chances on this one. He just doesn’t get a treat. Repeat it again a few minutes later instead. You want him to look at you the first time you say his name.

So you can practice this everywhere – when you’re watching television, when you’re in the bath, anywhere you can think of to teach your dog that his name means look at me and you get something yummy. Once your dogs learnt that his name means that he has to pay attention to you you’re ready to then be able to teach him to do other things. You need to be able to get his attention first. Remember if he’s not looking at you he’s not listening. Stanley, come on then. Oh, you’re so good.

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