You And Your Puppy: Noise – Part 10/11

You And Your Puppy- Noise – Part 10_11

Carolyn: So Rufus is absolutely gorgeous. How long have you had him for?

Sarah: We’ve had him for about four weeks now and he’s great.

Carolyn: It’s just fantastic. How’s he doing?

Sarah: He’s settled really well. We’ve got two boys in our lively household so he’s used to all the noises that we have, the washing machine and the Hoover and stuff. So yes, he’s getting on really well. I’m just a little bit concerned because it’s firework night coming up, about loud noises, bangs, and crashing, and thunder and bits like that. So how he’s going to react and how I can help him.

Carolyn: Well, I mean, obviously you’ve got him from a breeder who’s taken the time to raise him in the home, get him used to all those household noises, they are just part of life for a family dog. So as you say it’s the unpredictable noises that you need to work on and you can’t just wait until firework night or wait until there’s a thunder storm and just hope he’s okay, because chances are he won’t be.

Sarah: I’m not really sure about to do that. Could you tell me how I can get him used to noises?

Carolyn: Yeah, definitely. I mean, you can CD’s of sound effects that have everything from gun shots to fireworks to thunder to sirens, all sorts of things like that. And what you do is you just play that really, really quietly in the background when he’s doing things that he really enjoys. So that could be dinner time, that could be play time when he’s having a game with you. So what you do is you link these noises to really positive parts of his day. And you start off with a really low level. If he reacts to them at all it’s too loud. You just get him to realize that all these noises are just part of life and so that he actually almost looks forward to them, because they’re linked to his dinner time and his play time and things like that. And as he gets used to them you can lift the volume more and more until he doesn’t react to any strange loud noises because they’re just part of his life.

Sarah: Now that’s brilliant. That’d be great and we can enjoy firework night all together.

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