Each week we pick great dog training videos from Youtube and share them here. These first videos will all focus on puppy training. We hope that you find them helpful when training your puppies.

It’s important to remember that in these early weeks with you, your puppy is learning all the time. Every interaction he has with you and every experience that he has, he’s learning something good or bad for the future. So it’s up to you to make sure that all of these interactions, all of these lessons are positive ones.

And that’s whether it’s interactions with you, with other people, other dogs or cats that you might have in the family. Everything from car trips to vet visits, they all need to be really positive experiences. And you got to be thinking about this all the time. Sounds a bit of a very scary responsibility, but just you have to be aware that there’s never a time he’s not learning.

First of all make sure you handle him gently and with care. Get him used to being stroked, to being groomed, making it a really pleasurable experience for him. Don’t ever let him become frightened of your hands. So never pull at him or grab him and make sure nobody else in the family is ever allowed to do that either. Take every chance you can to reward him for doing the things that you want whenever they happen. That could be him looking at you, following you, coming to you.

Training isn’t just about those five minutes that you decide they’re going to be the dog training time or going to classes. Remember he’s learning every single second, so reward him for all those good things that he does whenever he does it. So play games with him. Let him know that you’re fun to be with but also safe to be with. In these early weeks he’s learning that he can trust you. So remember every single moment your puppy is awake, he is in puppy school. So handle him gently and teach him well.

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