There are 9 million dogs and 8 million cats in the UK. Additionally to the approximately 42,000 cats and dogs in shelters waiting to be rehomed, there are 1.1 million cats and dogs that live on the streets or are stray. Most of these animals are abandoned by their previous owners, but some also wander. A stray animal is one that is not microchipped and is unable to find its way home if it gets out of the house. In the UK, all dogs are required to be microchipped, and a similar law is expected to be passed for cats.

A total of 21 dogs are euthanized every day for being unable to be adopted.

  1. There are 9 million pet dogs and 8 million pet cats in the UK.
  2. More than 50 million pets live in 12 million households.
  3. Approximately 250,000 animals go to rescues every year.
  4. There are 1.1 million homeless pets living in the UK.
  5. 21 dogs are euthanised every day because they couldn’t be rehomed.
  6. In 6 years, an unneutered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies.
  7. Only 17% of owners adopt their dogs from shelters and rescues.
  8. A quarter of new dog owners impulse bought puppies during Covid lockdown.
  9. 15% of new dog owners are worried they won’t be able to afford their puppy.
  10. 15% of new dog owners admit they weren’t ready for a new puppy.
  11. There are believed to be 67,000 stray dogs living on UK streets.
  12. In 7 years, an unneutered female cat and her offspring can have 370,000 kittens.
  13. 2.6 million cats are not microchipped.
  14. There are approximately 1 million stray cats.
  15. In some cities, there are more than 50 stray cats per square kilometre.


These are some facts relating to homelessness of pets in the United States.

  1. Among every 10 dogs born, only one will be given a permanent home.
  2. Shelter animals are mainly found on the streets or given up by their owners.
  3. Shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes for approximately 3 million dogs and cats each year. Find your local shelter and help them in any way you can so pets can find homes.
  4. There are about 7.6 million companion animals in animal shelters across the United States each year. Dogs make up approximately 3.9 million of those and cats make up approximately 3.4 million.
  5. NCPPSP reports that less than 2% of cats and only 15 to 20% of dogs are returned to their owners.
  6. 25% of dogs that enter local shelters are pedigrees
  7. The number of animals entering shelters as strays is about twice as high as the number of animals relinquished by owners.
  8. It’s impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States, but there are many millions.
  9. There are only 10% of animals in shelters that have been spayed or neutered. Millions of “excess” animals are killed each year because pet owners accidentally or intentionally allow them to reproduce
  10. Strays are often lost pets who were not properly housed or identified.
  11. There are about 3,500 brick-and-mortar animal shelters in the US and 10,000 rescue groups and animal sanctuaries in North America.


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