Narrator: Love the dog, hate the smell? Check out the Vizsla. That’s right. They don’t have an odour.

Dr. Karen: They’re very clean dogs. They don’t have that doggy smell.

Narrator: These self-cleaning dogs even lick themselves like a cat. No wonder Vizslas have been the quintessential royal dog for centuries, smooth and handsome, regal and statuesque. Vizslas are the aristocrats of the dog world.

Speaker: The Vizsla is a gorgeous dog.

Narrator: Face it. These dogs look like they belong.

Cindy: They’re just a majestic looking dog. They’re just beautiful and stunning.

Narrator: With their smooth coat, lean figure, and almost prance-like gate they can sometimes look more like a well-placed prop than a real life dog. But don’t let this fool you. These pups have pep.

Victoria: You have to get them exercise about two hours a day. And I mean running exercise.

Narrator: This is not a walk-around-the-block kind of dog. Vizslas want to run not walk and good at running they are. Their ancestors, the Magyar Vizslas were the choice hunting dogs back in the Austria-Hungarian Empire. As part retriever and part pointer they were bred with a keen sense of smell and incredible sense of motivation. Those dogs became the crown jewel of Hungary. Only the crème de la crème own them.

But as the empire fell apart they were crossed with the Weimaraner and the German Short-haired Pointer resulting in the sleek hunter we have today.

A flipside of this energetic pup is a dog that loves to relax with you, when not running it’s hard to find a Vizsla anywhere else but at your feet.

Dr. Karen: Vizslas are very affectionate dogs. They’re also known as the Velcro dog because they like to stay with you.

Narrator: Unless you’re throwing a ball expect a Vizsla to be on your lap. For a dog that seems to be half-cat already, check out their paws. With long toes and small compact pads their paws are classified as cat-like. If not for the nails on hardwood floors you would never know they were coming.

Another trait that allows them to go unnoticed by prey – their eyes, bred to show no white, the brown irises blend right into the Vizsla’s coat. Vizslas are possibly the ultimate camo dog. Their coat is the color of cinnamon from head to tail with virtually no variation.

Vizslas are an active dog. They are not great for city living but thrive in the open country. There may not be an easier dog to groom.

Dr. Karen: They’re just very clean, have very short coat, they smell good all the time.

Narrator: If you run a dry cloth over them a couple of times a week they’ll only need a bath four or five times a year.

Like most active dogs they’re prone to hip dysplasia, but this less so with Vizslas. Overall don’t worry about spending a lot at the vet with these pups.

Vizslas need training.

Speaker: Vizslas are trainable with somebody that knows what they’re doing. You need to train them slowly and carefuly because they can kind of become overwhelmed if you give them too much to think about at once.

Narrator: Because they want to work for you, you need to be patient in training them. It takes some time to focus all their energy in the right direction.

No doubt the Vizsla is a loveable family dog. But this breed has a ton of energy, so it’s best to be careful around small kids.

Speaker: Probably it’s going to do best in the family that does a lot of outdoor activities. Not necessarily great with real young children.

Narrator: While best in big open areas, they’re one of the healthiest dogs, and one of the easiest to groom. Put all your time into their training it will pay off. And they do need attention around small kids. Equally comfortable on the couch to you and in the woods playing fetch, Vizslas will keep you in great company and on your toes.

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