Narrator: The Bullmastiff revered as a guard dog. But this monster of a canine was bred not to bite.

Dr. Karen Halligan: They actually will pin their prey down without hurting or killing it.

Narrator: Various diamond mines in South Africa have used this breed to guard their diamonds. John D. Rockefeller used a Bullmastiff as a watch dog on his estate. But these massive dogs are actually known as gentle giants.

Andrea Arden: I would have to say that Bullmastiffs are probably the best kissers in the dog world.

Narrator: Orginating in 19th century England, the Bullmastiff is a cross between the Bulldog and Mastiff. Since making their way to the US in the 1920s these tenderhearted tough guys have made a name for themselves as guard dogs in movies like Rocky.

Andrea Arden: I like the attention you get when you walk down the street with a Bullmastiff too.

Narrator: Of course an imposing size helps pump up the fierce. A full grown Mastiff stands an average of 20 to 27 inches high. It can weigh up to 130 pounds, the same size as an average 5’5″ woman and will consume up to three pines of dog food a day.

Dr. Karen Halligan: They’re just enormous and powerful.

Narrator: They have a short coat that can be red, fawn or brindle, and broad wrinkled head with a short black muscle.

Dr. Karen Halligan: With jowls and drool.

Narrator: But the Bullmastiff is not a breed that needs lots of space because they’re not very active, which makes them easy to handle in an apartment. Bullmastiffs are independent thinkers but eager to please which helps with training. Despite their large size and tough look the Bullmastiff has a gentle temperament and is happiest when with a family. With a short coat grooming is easy, but don’t forget the drool factor.

Dr. Debbye Turner Bell: If you carry a towel with you all the time, you’re good.

Narrator: The Bullmastiff has an average lifespan of about eight to ten years and like angus they are prone to tumors and several other health issues.

Dr. Nicholas Dodman: Like many other very large breed dogs it’s also prone to cancer.

Narrator: So in general the Bullmastiff is a large dog that does well in an apartment if you have the space. They have a relatively short lifespan and are prone to several health issues. They’re easy to groom if you don’t mind drool. It takes patience to train these independent thinkers. Surprisingly gentle, they’re loyal companions who make a good family pet.

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