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Narrator: Meet the Border Collie. It’s a pretty smart dog.

Zak George: Border Collies are the most intelligent breed on the planet without a doubt, non-negotiable, end of story.

Narrator: Okay, so it’s a really smart dog. In fact on nearly every ranking of doggie intelligence the Border Collie comes out on top.

Tyson Kilmer: It’s a highly intelligent dog, highly trainable dog.

Narrator: The Poodle and German Shepherd usually round out the top three most intelligent breeds, but border collies are canine rocket scientists. Think twice about these dogs as house pets though.

Andrea Arden: They are not good with novice dog owners.

Zak George: If you don’t work with a Border Collie they’re going to drive you nuts and they will destroy every possession you have.

Narrator: The breed is named for the border region of England and Scotland. Shepherds in this area carefully bred dogs over many generations. The result is a dog that may just be the perfect herding breed.

Andrea Arden: I don’t think there’s any dog that excels better at herding than Border Collies.

Narrator: The Border Collie is a born athlete. It’s muscular supple body is bred for speed and stamina.

Tyson Kilmer: Very, very hyper, a dog that loves to run, loves to heard, love to chase animals.

Narrator: Shepherds were also attracted to their Border Collies fiercely intense stare, sometimes called the eye. Border Collies use this gaze to intimidate and control livestock.

Andrea Arden: When they’re focused on something it is very hard to break that concentration.

Narrator: That great intelligence is the key to this herding dog’s prowess. Border Collies were bred to complete complex tasks both with humans and independently.

Tyson Kilmer: When you hear the term man’s best friend, a Border Collie comes mind.

Narrator: A fourth unique physical characteristic gives the Border Collie even more of an edge. When herding the dog can move quickly in a crouching position, it’s reminiscent of a stalking cat. This trait is due to a space between the tops of the shoulder blades. The almost locomotive movement allows the Border Collie to make subtle adjustments to manage a herd with absolute precision.

Andrea Arden: I can’t think of many dogs that are as driven and focused as Border Collies.

Narrator: Today Border Collie enthusiasts like Animal Planet’s expert trainer Zak George are finding new creative outlets for this remarkable breed.

Zak George: Border Collies are exceptional at dog sports.

Narrator: Zak’s high-flying Collies go for big air when chasing Frisbees. They also have a few head turning tricks up their sleeves. Zak’s Collie Venus even knows her multiplication tables.

Zak George: What is three times two?

Narrator: Whether it’s herding sheep, playing Frisbee or performing amazing tricks, training is where this breed shines. But if you step up to a Border Collie you better know what you’re doing.

Andrea Arden: If you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with the dog who is incredibly destructive.

Narrator: This is not a good apartment dog.

Tyson Kilmer: I would definitely want to see this dog in a rural environment.

Narrator: Besides some concerns for hip dysplasia and eye issues, Border Collies are generally healthy.

Tyson Kilmer: For the most part these guys live to a ripe age.

Narrator: There are several coat types, each with slightly different grooming requirements. But in general this is an easy dog to groom.

Joey Villani: Brushing and combing is essential because the dog does shed. It’s a double coated breed.

Narrator: If its need for mental stimulation and exercise is met, the Border Collie is a wonderful family pet. But if you don’t provide for its needs, watch out.

Andrea Arden: If you don’t focus that herding instinct, they are very likely to start hurting your children which means nipping at their heels.

Narrator: In general the border collie thrives with lots of space and activity. It’s an extremely healthy dog with relatively light grooming needs. Though super smart Border Collies won’t just lie down for anyone, this breed is definitely not for everyone, but if its needs are being met the Border Collie is a good family dog.

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